Balancing and Healing Meditation

Here’s a lovely healing breath meditation to balance your chakras and to send healing thoughts and prayers to the planet for a more loving and peaceful world.

Sit in a place where you are comfortable and undisturbed

Follow your breath in and out of your lungs and feel your body relaxing

Notice your breath flowing down to the bottom of your feet and back up to the top of your head, continue for a few minutes

On your next in-breath take your awareness to the base of your spine, (your root chakra), breathe and feel grounded and safe (see the colour red)

Next take your breath to your naval area (your sacral chakra) and feel happy and strong (see the colour orange)

Next take your breath to the area just under your sternum between your rib cage (your solar plexus) and breathe feeling calm and courageous (see the colour yellow)

Now take your awareness to your heart (your heart chakra) and feel love for yourself and others (see the colour green)

Moving up now to your throat (throat chakra) and breathe  feeling true to yourself with honest and kind self-expression (see the colour of the sky)

Next move up to the centre of your forehead and feel open to your intuition and clarity (see the colour indigo purple) and breathe

Now take your awareness to the top of your head and feel wisdom and inner knowledge and connection to all life (see the colour mauve) and breathe and relax.

Now imagine a beam of golden light pouring down into the top of your head spreading through your whole body, filling every cell with healing and love.  Breathe with it and feel the unconditional love filling you up and filling your heart and pouring from your heart out to everyone and everything on the planet.  If easier you can imagine the whole planet as if from space and the light spreads around and within all things.  Send unconditional love and peace!

Continue for as long as you have time for!
To finish, feel a bubble of light surrounding you for your everlasting protection, come back to the room, take a few shorter breaths and open your eyes

Honestly, that feels so good, so please try it!
lots of love til next time
Nicky xxx
© Meditation Moments. Nicky Minter 2015.




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