Welcome to my website dedicated to relaxing Meditation and Visualisations, helping busy people to feel in control, calmer and more connected to their inner creativity!

Wouldn’t you like to fill your life with with purpose, contentment, calm and fulfilment?

Guided Meditation and Visualisation is an effective and gentle way to:

  • Guide you to an alpha brain state, which increases relaxation, focus and creativity.
  • Increase your health and wellbeing by lowering your stress levels.
  • Allow you to make decisions from a calm and authentic heart-based place.
  • Help you feel happier, fulfilled, creative and more positive.
  • Gives you space to quieten your busy mind and attune to your purpose in life.
  • For the last 12 years I have been using techniques such as Hypnotherapy, EFT and guided meditation to help people overcome their stress and lead happier and more positive lives. This experience has enabled me to start up this meditation programme for those of you who would like to be REMINDED to have some time-out in the day for yourself to connect with your INNER CALM, CREATIVITY and INTUITION.

    Meditation can take a number of forms and has been scientifically proven to help with a vast array of conditions from depression to heart problems and pain relief. It has an abundance of benefits physically, mentally and emotionally. My plan over time is to touch on a number of Meditation methods so you can have different experiences and see what works for you.

    From early on in my life I have been interested in different philosophies, my mother being a member of a group, The White Eagle Lodge, a philosophy that involves meditation and healing. Travels in India and Nepal opened me to learning about Yoga and Buddhism and my deeper journey with Meditation continued. A few years ago, after partaking in a ‘Raising Your Spiritual Awareness’ training, I have felt passionate about sharing guided meditations with other people, running meditation groups and emotional harmony workshops.

    For now, I’ll be sending short relaxation/meditation ideas, exercises and techniques to get you STARTED and then COMING SOON will be 10 minute MP3 Meditation Recordings that you can receive daily in your INBOX.

    Prepare to start feeling RENEWED!!

    Nicky Minter



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