Find CALM in the Present Moment

The present moment brings peace and stillness. When you are focussed totally on the Now, the Moment, all else falls away. The attachements to the past and your worries about the future disappear and a period of complete connection with the moment occurs!!

Try this:

  • Find a quiet place to relax and sit or lie comfortably. Close your eyes.
  • Breathe slowly, taking a few moments to follow your breath and start relaxing throughout your whole body.
  • Begin following your breath up and down your body and with your intention take the in-breathe to the top of your head and the out down to your feet.
  • Continue this for a few minutes.
  • Now count in to the count of 4, hold for count of 2 and breathe out to count of 6.
  • When you breathe out, stay in that space for as long is comfortable before you breathe in again.
  • Enjoy the peace, stillness and calm in that space.
  • Allow any thoughts to pass through, bringing awareness back to the breathing pattern.
  • Return to normal breathing when it feels appropriate.
  • Open your eyes and calmly return to your day, feeling in control and more peaceful.
  • I hope you enjoy. Until next time.
    Lots of love
    Nicky xx


    2 thoughts on “Find CALM in the Present Moment

    1. Christina

      The first time I did this was at work when the owner had decided to come and bully me. It was not pleasant and I needed to ‘wash his energy off me’ and get back into ‘my space’. I remembered this Nicky and as I had only a few moments I did it in the loo and when I came out I was ready to get on with my day calmly and be open to understand the learning from this experience… thank you yet again x Christina in Oz


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