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Meditation during times of immensely stressful situations – am I turning into a snail?!

So …. once again, a long time since I posted anything. What can I say – it’s sad that when big stuff happens you either get inspired and create through your pain, or turn inwards, like retreating into a shell – and just cope! I have done the former in the past, but when things are too big it is far easier to do the snail thing – and that is where I have been lately – popping my head out every now and then, but more often retreating into my safe shell house!!

However on the plus side, during this on-going stressful time I have completed a Mindfulness Meditation course – very interesting – for a long time I have been aware of and attempted to spend more time in the ‘now’ – or the ‘present moment’ and if you can switch the mind off long enough and really ‘be’ in the moment it does feel ‘special’ and can be very calming. As I have discussed before, our thoughts of the past and the future can totally take us away from actually experiencing what is actually happening in that very moment. Whether it is missing a truly enjoyable moment while too busy planning the next thing, or supressing a very powerful negative feeling to prevent feeling the pain or dealing with the issue.

How does it compare to my normal meditation methods of Creative Visualisation?

Hmmm that has been very different because while ‘visualising pictures or colours’ or ‘changing feelings’ one is still using the mind to do something – it is busy and still ‘doing’ rather than ‘being’! Mindfulness Meditation involves focussing on the breath and returning constantly to the breath (this is the basic Meditation – there are other aspects which involve feeling and sending loving kindness and working on stressful physical and emotional feelings – however ultimately it comes down to constantly bringing thoughts back to the breath). THIS IS SO HARD!!! However once mastered (this could take your whole life – I am 2% of the way there) bringing awareness to the breath and the felt sense (feelings within the body) creates an amazing self-awareness, self acceptance and a healing transformation starts to permeate the mind and body. Every time something hurts whether physical or emotional, bringing ones attention to the feeling and the breath and the present moment helps to heal….amazing…..

Is it helping during my times of immensely stressful situations – YESSSS!! I would highly recommend it!!

p.s I’m not giving up the creative visualisation meditations – they will be back!

Love to all
xx Nicky xx